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Women In Music On The Grind: The Lady Boss With Bars, B-Rawz

As one of the new artists of Atlas Star Records, Bernadette Patterson best known on the music scene as B-Rawz is working on new music. April consists of tons of in-studio time. B-Rawz’s new music will get released on major platforms through Sony Orchard this year. Right now she has tank tops for sale that say THE LADY BOSS WITH BARS B-Rawz. If you’re interested in supporting her you can see the different color Tank Tops and sizes for sale when you click on this link: B-Rawz also has her own sweet red wine called MOONSWEETred. This wine will help you relax. It tastes so good and it’s not bitter. You can click on this site to order:

As we celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop, we’re excited to know about your music career and what we can expect musically from you this year.
B-Rawz: The first song that I’m going to put out called High Profile will be on a compilation album with all the artists that are on the Atlas Star Record Label. It’s going to be released soon. You will also be able to find my music on Shopify with the blue check soon. I’m still planning on doing my own event in September to celebrate The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products’ 3rd Anniversary. I will have different performances at the event and vendors. I will be performing my new songs at the event also. Stay tuned because I have more great things in store.

As a business owner who provides products and services, in what ways do you aspire for The Dream Team Hair and Beauty brand to be incorporated into the music industry?
B-Rawz: I think the music industry is another outlet to promote everything I have going on. I did a commercial and a song with a well-known Grammy Award Winning Super Producer Zaytoven. Since I have my own professional hair product line called The Dream Team Hair & Beauty, I did a commercial with Zaytoven in Atlanta Georgia at 4U Recording Studio where a lot of famous people go to record. I went to that studio just to advertise The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand. You can click on this link to see the commercial: I met with Zaytoven again at the same studio to do my music video to my song called Never Knock Me Down B-Rawz ft. Jayo Da Best. If you seen my hair product commercial I did with Zaytoven then you would know the music video is part two of the commercial. The purpose of the music video is to advertise The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products. You can see The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products in the music video. You can click on this link to see the music video: . I have more business with Zaytoven so stay tuned.

How do you stay motivated to keep grinding in the music and business world?
B-Rawz: I have a passion for both and it’s hard to stop doing what you love.

How has 2023 been for you so far?
B-Rawz: I went through a couple of bumps in the road but it didn’t stop me. I pulled through and got blessed with more streams of income and I have new avenues to promote to a larger audience.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?
B-Rawz: I’m looking for more brand ambassadors that would be interested in promoting my brand and would be interested in traveling. You can click on this link if you’re interested:

Keep up to date online:
Facebook: Bernadette Patterson, B-Rawz, The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Store
Instagram: Bernadette Patterson & The Dream Team Hair & Beauty

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