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Joe Eid, a rising star out of Ohio, wants to show the world he can be himself. Joe Eid is a versatile hip/rapper artist who is just an average Joe that can get cocky sometimes. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Joe Eid has been in the industry since 2019. Being in choir and making/writing lyrics his whole life, the artist stated that he decided to pursue music seriously in 2018 but had some obstacles to overcome. For example, he needed to ensure that he protected himself financially as he stated, “I have a lot of talents and was not going to end up a starving artist. Money talks in the music industry, whether people see it or don’t see it, so I made sure I had it. The moment I decided to pursue it fully was a relief, honestly. I’d wanted to do it for a long time, but finally, feeling like I had financial relief made it so easy for me to do it. 2019 I released my first EP on distribution platforms, and I’ve been attacking it ever since.”

His career and life have had many obstacles and challenges, but he’s thankful that over the last five years, things have calmed down significantly. Most of the obstacles he’s currently overcoming are time management, work/life balance, and maintaining his relationships/connections. He works and does music full-time, so balancing time has become very important to him. In 2023 he is prioritizing improving his mental and physical health as he’s maintaining his work/life balance. This includes keeping his relationships with family and contact with his connections which is important because he doesn’t want anybody to feel that he’s not accessible as he continues to ascend with music.

The many inspirations he has from an artist’s perspective are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem. But Nas is his main Inspiration. He described his love for the artists as J. Cole tells stories and his flow, Kendrick Lamar puts symbolism in his music and Eminem’s developed a rhyming scheme. As for his favorite rapper Nas, a combination of the artists Joe mentioned. A Movations he always prides himself on is his family, father, mother, and uncle who recently passed away and showed him what music was. It includes every other member of his family, who all motivate him because he wants to show them all to win.

Five years from now, he stated, “I’m going to be successful, period.” Whether it has a breakthrough song, having somebody in my collective have a breakthrough song, or getting promotions at work, he will succeed and make money in different ways in five years. Music wise he sees himself touring around the country in the next couple of years. By doing so, he writes his lyrics based on his upbringing, lifestyle, and vibe. As of now, though, he assists other artists’ music by producing and engineering. 

He also has several producers produce music for the artist, but he is currently working with a prolific producer, M80. Joe Eid has also collaborated with several verified artists with his music. He is currently an Independent artist, but he’s creating an LLC to create his own label. As of now, his business is ready to go.

Joe Eid released around 50 songs collectively between singles, EPs, and albums. His favorite is ‘Hop On Or F*ck Off’ because he never felt much anticipated shooting a music video that was essentially a WWE Royal Rumble parody. The artist stated that shooting the music video for ‘Hop On Or F*ck Off’ brought back many childhood memories, but it also went viral and generated 200k views on youtube. He added, “I got to show the goofy side of me while creating that track and video concept.” However, he’s excited about his new track that was recently released, ‘Senses.’ the track is available on all platforms, including a music video that was released simultaneously. In addition, his new album ‘Internal Barricade’ is coming soon; he stated, “That is my focus at the moment. It’s about to be incredible, and I can’t wait for everybody to hear it.”

As for his fans, he shared a message: “My music talks about how fake people can be and is relatable to others… However, enjoy the little things that life offers as well. We don’t need

to always be on our phones. Nature is beautiful. My music video, Senses, is brand new and currently on YouTube. Can’t wait for you all to see it!”

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Instagram: @joe_eid

YouTube: @Joe_Eid

Spotify: Joe Eid

Apple Music: Joe Eid

Written By Gabby Castro 


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