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Rising Star Christenelle Diroc Takes the Music Scene by Storm

Christenelle Diroc, a Romanian MC, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur hand-picked by Saint Mother Teresa during the fall of Communism in Romania. Christenelle was adopted to Syracuse, NY and grew up in the heart of Tipperary Hill. Diroc Went To SAS and Westhill for High School and later attended Onondaga Community College. Christenelle released his first album on April 19, 2019 with features from, Mike Jones, Frenchie(1017 Bricksquad), Mr.Serv-On and many more.

Christenelle released two more albums since then, “In Our Crystal Castle” and “With Synchronosity & Serendipity.” He has features from Bizzy Bone(Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), Cassidy, Petey Pablo, Lil Flip, Fabo(D4L), Bubba SparXXX to name a few.

He is also known for being a hype man for many Pro Sports Teams and having singles with Jadakiss, Keith Murray, and Bizarre(D12).

We’ve obtained an exclusive interview with Diroc ahead of him gearing up for his international shows and tour.

Please tell us about your latest music projects.

Christenelle Diroc: My latest projects are my 3 albums and Big Singles with HUGE people. My Singles with featured Artists include: Keith Murray, Bizarre(D12), Shawn Marion(NBA), Derrell Edwards (Nascar), 504 Fiend (No Limit Soldiers), Jadakiss, DJ Goldfinger NYC, Boaz(Queen of the South), Miss Piggy (the Muppets), Honey B Smooth, Raphael(TMNT).

My 1st Album is called “Instant Confession” which features Mike Jones, Frenchie(1017 Bricksquad), Mr. Serv-On(No Limit Soldiers), DJ Unk, JAG, A-F-R-O & A Stanley Cup Winner.

My 2nd Album is called “In Our Crystal Castle” which features Fabo(D4L), Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs-N- Harmony), A-F-R-O, Wicked, Bubba SparXXX, Lil Flip, Frenchie (1017 Bricksquad), Bynoe (Riot Squad), Cassidy, Petey Pablo, JAG, Craig G, K- Major, Ms.Toi, Maya Azucena, Big Mike The Ruler, DJ Lazy K, DJ CELL(Dogg Pound), DJ Mickey Knox, DJ Unique, DJ Stylez, Unkle Roc, Level 13, Tim Hardaway(NBA), Main Event (And1) Gheorghe Muresan(NBA), Darryll Armstrong(NBA), and Rob Ray (NHL).

Last but not least, my 3rd album is called “With Synchronosity & Serendipity” which features Mousequake, Bubba SparXXX, Ms. Toi, BYG Kurse, Dyson Knight (Baha Men), Madstunt Man, JAG, DJ Lord Jazz, Kay da Boss, Big Mike The Ruler, Batuhan CLK, Leonardo(TMNT) April O’Neil(TMNT) Pumbaa(Lion King) Simba (Lion King), and Audrey Scott (Comedian).

You’ve worked with alot of celebrities. Who have been your favorite to work with and why?

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Christenelle Diroc: Yes, I have worked with ALOT of celebrities and this is a great question. Ms. Toi would be one of them because we share an amazing connection. We have songs together and she always checks on her Warrior. We made an adult Christmas Song for A Movie. Growing up watching her with Ice Cube or with one of my favorite songs in the movie Osmosis Jones is a dream come true!

Another is Fabo from D4L because he helped me alot with life situations in the Music game. We have amazing songs together and we always get super hype. I looked up to Fabo as a kid and always will. He is a pure energy source in this business and he makes me feel like I’m a major contributor to the music industry. Love You Fabo!

Big Mike The Ruler helped me get to meet some of my heroes so that I could show my work and even work with them. He got on my songs and helped me m, maintain Industry Level Connections which established family. I used to listen to him on alot of my favorite MCs Mixtapes and it was a dream. R.I.P Chinx & R.I.P STACK Bundles. Without him, I wouldn’t have been getting crazy with Jadakiss or Styles or Dave East. Big Thank You to Big Mike.

What does being on the grind as a music artist looks like for you?

Christenelle Diroc: Being on the Grind as a music artist looks like all your days and nights are busy. Constantly on your phone, so bring your phone charger with you. Making connections and keeping them is the most important thing to me. There is not alot of sleep, but if you plan it out right you can get your sleep. Also, being on the grind brings faster days and faster nights. It’s like a fast pace game, and you gotta keep up!!!!!! Run like Forrest Gump did and you’ll be alright!!!!

What are you most excited about this year?

Christenelle Diroc: I am most excited this year for the 50 YEARS OF HIP HOP!!!!! It will be HUGE on August 11 in the birthplace of the Boogie Down Bronx. I’m excited to see Max B come home. BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE WAVE. EMG, We Are In The House!!!!

I am excited to perform in many places this year for the BIG 50!!!! I’m also looking forward to Tupac receiving his star in Hollywood.

As we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop, who had been the biggest influence in Hip Hop for your career?

Christenelle Diroc: The biggest influences I have in my Hip Hop career have been Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, DMX, Pimp C, DJ Screw, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Eazy E, Chinx, Stack Bundles, Big L, Mac Dre, Heavy D, Black Rob, Biz Markie, Jam Master J, Fred The Godson, Slim Dunkin, Shawty Lo, Bushwick Bill, Fat Pat, Prodigy, Soulja Slim, The Jacka, Yaki Kadafi, Guru, Nate Dogg, Big Syke, Craig Mack, Nipsey Hussle, Shock G, and DJ Kay Slay.

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Any exclusive news you can share with us?

Christenelle Diroc: Yes, there is Exclusive News to share. My Uncle BYG Kurse and me have a song coming out with Young Jeezy in August. I have another song with Bubba SparXXX coming out very soon with a HUGE surprise guest on there which is produced By Unkle Roc.

I have HUGE international shows/tours coming up with the biggest names of Hip Hop. My 1st time getting to go out of the country and get paid for something I love to do. Last but not least, be on the lookout for me and Bugs Bunny hopping around on a song with another huge MC that made songs with JA Rule. She is huge in the game!

What advice would you have for aspiring music artists?

Christenelle Diroc: The advice I would give to aspiring MCs is to chase your dreams. Anything is possible BUT you have to believe it. Listen to your gut always.

Don’t let your friends say that it will never happen. Don’t listen to anyone negative or anyone saying you can’t. Get hungry and go on your journey, if it’s meant for you it will come.

Pray and pray more. It helps. The closer I am to God, the more my dreams come true.

Another thing is, to blend in. Don’t be too much, you want people to think you’re not doing it, so let people think that and GO GO GO.

Follow on Instagram @christenellediroc

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