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Nemanja Golubovic and Joanne Molinaro Launch Their Youtube Show available on The Korean Vegan YouTube Channel

Nemanja Golubovic, a vegan entrepreneur from Montenegro, and founder of the popular Vegan Restaurant Kale My Name is co-hosting The Joanne and Neman Show with social media star and bestselling author Joanne Lee Molinaro, which is available to watch on the Korean vegan Youtube channel. 

How did you come up with the idea to start “The Joanne and Neman” Show and what is the idea behind it? Joanne and I have been friends for a little while now and we always have so much fun together. We would often speak about how great it would be to start a show talking about different topics about life itself. We had a goal to entertain, but to also pass on useful information to all our viewers. Joanne already has a larger Youtube platform that is primarily based on her cooking and food. Knowing her personally, I don’t think people see the other side of her fun bright personality so this was the most perfect way to showcase her in a different light. It is also a great way for me to be introduced to her large audience. Shooting this show doesn’t feel like any type of work, it just feels like I’m spending time with a true friend and getting to talk about serious and not-so-serious topics. 

Your first guest on the show was celebrity Tabitha Brown, can we expect more celebrity appearances? Having Tab as our first guest on our show was truly a blessing. The episode with her was so inspirational in so many ways. We talked about fulfilling certain dreams later in life and it sends a clear message to anyone uncertain about chasing their true dreams because of age. They should never give up and age doesn’t matter whatsoever. When it comes to other guest appearances it is a possibility, but for the next couple of episodes, it will only be Joanne and me. As the show develops further we would love to have more fun and popular personalities that match the vibe and energy of our show. 

When is the next episode coming up and how often can we expect to see it? We are planning to film once a month but don’t have a strict publishing schedule considering the living differences. Joanne lives in LA and I’m living in Chicago. Episodes 1 & 2 were filmed in LA and episode 3 was filmed in Chicago. At this point, it just depends on our schedules. 

The Joanne and Neman show is airing on The Korean Vegan youtube channel, but you recently started your channel and show called Puppy Patrol, for people who have not seen it, tell us more about it.  I enjoy working with Joanne on the “Joanne and Neman show” so much that it inspired me to start my show on my youtube channel. My dog is the most important thing in my life and I spend all of my free time with him so I thought it was a perfect way to spend time together but to also entertain others. There are so many other people who love their puppies like how I love my puppy Kale so I decided to have them as guests on the show. We discuss important topics regarding our dogs and their well beings.   

Puppy Patrol Show always has guests with their pets, how do you select them and did you experience any unpredicted difficulties considering there are pets involved? The first thing is my dog Kale has more friends than I do myself. I meet all my guests through my dog meeting friends at the dog park with other small dogs. Last year we joined the small dog group, which the show is now named after. The group is called “Puppy Patrol” and they are a big part of the show. As of now, all guests on the show were members of the group besides our local celebrity known as Plant-Based Tamika and her dog Marley. All the dogs apart of the group are always so well behaved so we haven’t had any difficulties regarding the animals. They sometimes get overly excited to see each other but that is honestly the cutest and best part of the show. 

Do you have any pre-show recording rituals? Before the show, I just make sure I’m in an amazing mood so it can be a more positive and funny thing for people to watch. I want people to be able to watch this and have it make their day better so if I’m not in the best mood that day then we won’t be shooting. 

How is your channel doing now and where do you see the channel in five years? As of now the channel is pretty new and has a couple of thousand subscribers and the Puppy Patrol show has over 20 thousand unique viewers. In 5 years I hope to be able to count these subscribers and views in millions. 

Where can people keep up with you, and your shows and what are the names of the channels?
 The Joanne and Neman show is available on The Korean Vegan’s Youtube channel @thekoreanvegan. Puppy Patrol is available on my channel that is named after my restaurant and my dog @kalemyname.

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