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Skii Mask Lux XO is an artist who’s been on his grind, especially in 2022. Having released a number of singles including, Shak’n it, Skii’s revenge, With You, Don’t Like Me, Tell Me, My Demon (My Demons), and Push It. With collaborations from artists like IamSonCie and StarrBux, and a newly remastered version of his 2020 album ‘All Smoke.’ Skii Mask Lux XO has been on a roll with his releases. 

Skii Mask Lux XO has described his moniker as being derived from being an undiscovered talent that has the luxury to perform and produce their own unique and diverse songs. The “XO” in his name is of course referencing one of his biggest inspirations, The Weeknd. He isn’t your typical rapper, he sees himself as more of the rebellious skater, or the backpack kid. As a man based in Brooklyn and Atlanta who is often on the move, bouncing between the two, he prides himself on being a mix of various genres. He describes his sound as a merge of hip-hop, rock, R n’ B, and EDM. 

“It’s a mix of different styles because I feel like different songs bring out different sides of me.” 

His persona gives way to two alter egos, Chase Dash, who has more conscious life-inspired influences and silky wordplay, on slower, sexier instruments. While his other half Skii Mask Lux XO evolves as a party-hard, drug-induced, strip club-oriented persona that supercharges his mind. 

He describes his sound as a romantic car crash and feels like his sound is growing and going in a different direction. While Skii Mask Lux XO’s journey here has been up and down, he prides himself on keeping those around him up. His biggest motivation is his nieces and nephews, family and friends are a very important part of his life. As his favorite saying is “Love the people that love you. Stack your money and live low-key.

Skii Mask Lux XO, the ever-growing artist had decided to give his all to his music 2 years ago, when he caught Covid and went through a near-death. Now that he’s out on his own, he’s started his own record label, ‘Da Frat Hxouse LLC. Skii Mask Lux XO has decided to go all independent, he’ll be working with management companies to get to work on music video releases and music promotion. He sees himself doing a lot more shows and maybe even a movie role sometime in the future. He hopes to reach out to more fans with his unique approach to music. Instead of being a trend following he’s looking to be a trendsetter. 

Right now he’s working on producing several music video releases for this year. 

Check out Skii Mask Lux XO’s social media and discography on all platforms, including his music videos “With You” And “Shak’n It” streaming on YouTube.

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Instagram: Skii Mask Lux XO

YouTube:  Skii Mask Lux XO

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