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Lil Whodiee: Authentic and Different

Written By: Hey Shaylan

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lil Whodiee found his outlet in music. Describing his image as “Midwest swag”, he rapped about the hardships of his life and challenges he faced, using them as a connection. As an independent artist, Lil Whodiee was present in the music industry for four years. Although his musical journey was not the simplest, he still saw the effect he had on others, “My favorite memories are when I perform my art and everyone knows the lyrics word for word,” he quotes, “Being able to make people dance, performing, recording, and hearing my voice.”

Lil Whodiee made himself available to his community by showing love and support to the same people that supported him, “I’ve been in plenty of community events. Giving back to the community is legendary, a must,” he says, “And I want to open a homeless shelter one day.” 

Lil Whodiee kept his struggles as no secret, being transparent both within in music and conversations, “I had to make real-life decisions. Cut people off, find myself, I was homeless not too long ago, I had no money to my name”, he states. Nonetheless, he found a way to prevail and encourages others to do the same, “I’m here to stay. Keep grinding, and if you believe, you can achieve,” he quotes. 

During his free time, Lil Whodiee dedicated himself to being a father to his son, as well as creating new content. His career goals included dropping music, shooting new videos, investing, and elevating himself. With 11 singles available to stream, including his favorite “Same Stories.” Although he is no longer with us, Lil Whodiee’s legacy continues to lead on. 

Instagram: lilwhodiee

YouTube: lilwhodiee

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