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JAY $LY Cooks Up In The Studio To Release New Music

JAY $LY is an artist tapping in fom Norwalk, Connecticut who has a sound like no other. With his genre being Offshore Rap, you could describe his sound as lyrical, witty and motivational. JAY $LY statyed making muic at 15. At 19, he felt ready to fully pursue his music career. Alongside engineering his own music, JAY $LY writes his music and he draws his inspiration from personal experiences, movies, friends and other artists stories in their music.

When asked what is one song/project that reminds him of a happy or sad moment in his life, JAY $LY responded “One project that reminds me of a rough time in my life is a song called “Waiting Up” and a project that reminds me of a happy moment is my album “Final 401.”

What JAY $LY enjoy the most about being a musician is the endless freedom of creativity. In one of the most recent obstacles he has faced was dealing with racism during the last music video he shot for “Nightmare Freestyle.” If he could collaborate with one person in the industry with Drake due to the fact that he is at the top of the game and one of his biggest influences in music from way back. JAY $LY is currently working on her new album “Offshore.” The 12-song project will showcase his versatility and range. In the meantime, be sure to check out his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: jayxway

YouTube: JAY $LY




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