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Get to know Kris bka Ms. Poetic: Health, Hard work, & Hip-Hop

Let the world know whom we have the pleasure of meeting with today?

I am Christinna.  Ms. Poetic, everyone close calls me Kris

Where are you from? What was your childhood like? Influences? Hobbies? 

I am from Hartsville, South Carolina. Born and raised.
My childhood was pretty cool, I was raised in the outskirts of the city which was
the country. I’m a country girl at heart and home. I love the calmness versus the city life.

Influences, my mom and Dad. My Dad retired a Master Welder. When it comes to
music, he’s my biggest influence.  Every weekend when he was off work you
could hear Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, Diana Ross, The O’Jays, sooo
many more blasting through the house we were cleaning or while he was working
on his cars. I’m a daddy’s girl so I was always up under him. His love of music
rubbed off on me. My Mom taught me how to treat and care for people. She
worked full time as a nurse and would do side jobs caring for some of the most
prominent families in our city, as well as taking care of us.
I get my grind from them.

My Hobbies growing up were music, writing poetry. Poetry has always been a
love and need for me. I say “need” because it was my way of saying everything
that I couldn’t speak, my outlet. Writing poetry later became spoken word.

Then Ms. Poetic was born.

Please explain how being on the grind has gotten you to this point.

I’ve been on the grind since 2004. My classmate started a label called SSR
Struggle & Strive Records. I was the poet in the group. My love for poetry was still
strong so Buddha Ratt gave me my 1st hosting job at Shingles in Florence. I
joined a spoken word tribe called Le Troope, we traveled and performed at many
events. One year we each performed at the Civic Center in Florence. 2006 I
started managing my brothers Blade Up Ent. “BUE” we also traveled and
performed throughout South Carolina.

2009 my life changed completely. That September I went in for outpatient surgery, and later was diagnosed with stage 4 Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease which can affect any and every part of your body, stage 4 causes scarring.

It affected both of my lungs, my joints, and moved throughout my chest cavity.

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I was placed on 24/hour oxygen use for several years, and was told that I needed to be placed onthe Lung Transplant list.

I had to stop the one thing I loved the most and focus on healing my body so that
I would be able to continue my grind in life. Which is exactly what I did. In 2021
the Sarcoidosis specialist at MUSC confirmed that all the scarring in my lungs
and chest cavity was completely gone. I healed my lungs naturally, all praises to
the most high.

As a figure in the industry, how would you describe the role you play?

Lol, I was asked this question a few weeks ago and I said EVERYTHING lol
I run promotion for the Carolinas, I wear many hats my favorite is
Promotion. My company is called Nfinate 8 Promotions & Consulting. Artist
Development. I help artist establish their social media presences and assist them
in growing their careers. Artist Liaison. The Artist Assistance.

Who are some past people that you’ve worked with in music? What was something you learned that stuck with you?  

Currently I assist and mentor two artist Breezo Real Trapper, and King Jay. I am
partnered with I Need It Studios Florence, SC (I run the Promotion Department) I
am also partnered with Da Factory printshop also in Florence, Sc and Hood
Ambitionz Clothing Brand out of Hartsville, SC

Let’s see, I have worked with Jay Harris of Unique Frames he mostly definitely
there in the beginning and have witnessed my growth. He’s always had pure
intentions, and grind is immaculate. Not many know this Jay & I worked together
for years before we ever met face to face. That’s Bossman to me. My mentor,
friend, and brother. He always told me to keep pushing, he knew I was
Willing to learn, he’s one the reasons I started studying herbs, and how to include
Essentials Oils as aroma therapy into my healing.

I’ve worked with Rebekah Mashal she created Loc Queens Roc. She helped me
build Nfinate 8 Promo up from scratch. She taught me to never give up! Always
push forward and give God the glory along the way.

In 2014 I started working with INI Entrainment, shout out to Bossgame & I Need It,
DTC, DTE family. What stuck out with me about him is that he keeps showing up
and you’ll make it to see your dreams manifest. He put me into position working
with his label and Duct Tape Carolina.

That’s how I met OG Tony Guidry who then was managing Trouble DTE/MMB at
that time… Working with Tony I was given the privilege to work on Many different
artist accounts from Skoob to Alley Boy Velli Sosa, Big Bank, Eldorado Red. Duct
Tape is Huge a few chapters per State. I’ve also done transcribes for Natalac… A
few others I can’t recall at the moment.

My take away from Tony…it’s so much. Do your best! Don’t be lazy, you have to
work hard at it, if it doesn’t work out in one way try another. Stay seeking
knowledge. And to Google lol. He’d say “Ask Google Kris’’ lol

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I also worked close with Henne (5h of Henne Media) before he passed recently. I
pay homage to him. Rest in peace.

I interned at Cumulus with Wynn 106.3 with Big Mike, Pam Jordan, Shi C, JWatts,
I pay homage to Dj Sixx Figga rest in peace as well. Teamwork makes the dream
work!!! If I forgotten anyone blame my mind and not my heart…

What’s something you believe that could improve in the market you’re in? And what do you hope to see differently?

More unity. More positive messages in music going viral. Artist standing on their
principles, and not giving into the low energy trends in music. I wish the artist
would take control, learn the industry, and be more accountable for their careers.
I hope to see more artist address the importance of mental health and addiction
in music and the industry. We harm our culture the most by pushing drug use
into music, which the industry puts front and center for the youth to see and hear.
Its their agenda. from drugs to drill music.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I am a homebody, I love cooking for my family, I love to spoil my
loved ones. I love educating myself on different topics. I recently received my
certification for Herbalism. I’m digging deeper into herbalism, as I continue
finding treatments for Sarcoidosis. I love helping others find natural remedies for
their aches and pains.

If you could pick one song to be your soundtrack, what would it be and why? 

A mix between Closer by Goapele, Conqueror by Estelle, and Motivation by
Spiritual Tony. I can’t just pick one lol I love music too much.  I love
music with a message, especially when it resonates with me. I can listen to these
tracks on repeat all day and never get tired of hearing them.

What are some of the goals you have for yourself and your team this year?

Grind harder than we did last year! I’m ready to see one of my artist if not all of my
artist on a Mega Stage or on the BET Awards performing in front of thousands of

Legacy. What does it mean to you and how do you plan to leave your mark? 

I want my legacy to be the way I love, care, and understand people. I want the
mark I leave on this world to be no matter what people say about you or how they
look down on you to know, all it takes is Your want and will to make your life
situation better. Don’t get so caught up in life that you forget to enjoy the
moments. Always always take care of yourself and don’t be ashamed of the
stigma behind mental health, if you need help, get it!

My legacy will be Love and Health.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gauge @ B.U.E

    April 23, 2023 at 11:18 am

    Dope article on a really dope woman! She has been standing on business since we met (around 2 decades) and she goes super hard not just for her clients but for family and friends too! She’s been nothing less than an absolute blessing to my life since day one and she deserves all the accolades and acclaim for her laser-like focus, her strong willed determination and abilities to help everyone in any way that she can! She is the best ever!!!

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