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Wearing his heart on his sleeve and hailing in from Mexico and Bradenton, Florida, independent artist EDXO has a lot to say, and he uses music to paint the picture! Describing his image as an amalgamation of various aesthetics, especially streetwear and elegance, he holds the same approach for his musical genre. 


“There’s too many elements involved for me to be able to pinpoint just one or a few.” EDXO says. 


Inspired by his experiences and The Weeknd, EDXO’s sound is unique as it varies from project to project. Motivated by his family, he’s been making music for almost 10 years now! Although he’s deep in, he still says he has a long way to go and that there’s more room for improvement. 


Aiming to help people with his music after seeing the impact music has had in his life, this is just one of the goals EDXO has set for himself (aside from eventually working with Frank Ocean!). Outside of music however, he aims to begin filmmaking and potentially acting!


“There’s something super magical about how you can see an idea that formulated in your head just come to life on camera.” EDXO explains.  

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Although his journey in music hasn’t been a smooth one, EDXO gives credit to both the ups and downs of his career including creative burnout. He advises anyone entering the music industry to learn how to say no, always put 100% into your craft, and to set goals whether they be long-term or short-term. Taking these lessons with him, he’s also had various highlights in the industry, like going to Los Angeles for the first time. 


“There were many firsts on that trip. First time on a plane, first time performing for that many people live, first time trying dispensary goods. Everything was for sure worth the jet-lag.” recalled EDXO. 


Currently working on a 10 song experience, EDXO has a new album coming soon and has already released the single titled “Me & You ft. ShortTerm,” which tells the story of a young man who falls in love with someone over the internet. Centering the themes of love and loneliness on this exciting new album.


“I use the word experience because I really want people to gravitate more towards how the songs feel versus how they sound. It might be a lot to process but just stick with me, you’re in good hands.” He says. 


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With 2 EPs (“Came A Long Way,” “For The Late Night Drives”) and a handful of singles out, the most recent is ‘No Se Da,’ a Spanish track released February 2022. Coining “Better Freestyle” off of “For The Late Night Drives,” as his favorite. EDXO writes and engineers his own music. 


Living by the motto, “There’s no good or bad in life. It’s all experiences,” when he’s not in the studio EDXO loves to take long drives which include music blasting and smoking. He leaves fans with the message to stick with him, that he appreciates anyone who listens and a warm welcome for anyone who decides to take a listen. 


His music is available on all streaming platforms. Make sure to follow his journey below!



Instagram: @edxo_official


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YouTube:  EDXO Official


Spotify link:


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Spotify link:



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Written By: Mylah Ellis

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