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Exxxotica Chicago 2023: ThickAssDaphne & KayyyKitty

If you ever went on  XNXX, OnlyFans, Twitter, or any of the adult tube sites (you know the ones that ask you to confirm your age), then you’ve definitely seen ThickAssDaphne and KayyyKitty on your phone, tablet, computer screen, or even on TV (with the volume up if you’re bold) post-pandemic making a name for themselves in the adult industry and eyeing to create more Erotic Art, and (needless to say) making plenty of people happy.


These two American “Baddies”, a term to describe a magnetic and highly sought after woman (or male, in some rare cases), will be representing for the home team at this year’s ExxxoticaChicago 2023 the weekend of April 21st-23rd at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Daphne and Kayyy will be promoting previous projects, their new venture in adult film called “DaphneKayyy Entertainment, and interacting with the fans, friends, and the wider community.


These two specialize in bringing urban erotica, oral athletics, and alluring movements to millions of viewers per video release, upwards of tens of thousands of viewers per posting on social media that’s considered “Safe for Work”; All while being Bad and Bougie. Both Kayyy Kitty and ThickAssDaphne, a name that she gained in high school as a band geek (if you are gettingclassic American Pie vibes, you not alone), have gone viral on social media for their energetic and sexy lifestyle and antics.


Kayyy Kitty and ThickAssDaphne started like many others during the pandemic, parleying their sexual appeal to a monetary venture. To both of their shock, the pandemic revealed a market that OnlyFans made infamous, a Supply-and-Demand of erotic material for the locked in masses.

Kayyy Kitty grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL and has been representing the south side ever since. She is a truly a south suburban gem as serious medical professional by trade and education, whose importance during the pandemic deserves extra praise alone. As passionate as she is with sexual expression, she is more passionate about purpose, that there is a greater meaning and life behind and beyond sex work, which is the root of her medical education. She seeks to bring the same passion and interaction to her fans at Exxxotica and to her new venture with fellow Chicago Suburban Native, ThickAssDaphne. “Live your truth” as she would say: Own your sexuality, Own your direction. In this writer’s option, she is more willing one to challenge anyone who dares to make this Kitty roar, do not come with mouse like energy, performance, or pockets or you will be her next Mighty Mouse meal.

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ThickAssDaphne is a proud native of Phoenix, IL and will be quick to correct you on that she is not from Harvey, IL, respectively. Starting off dancing after college, she was reluctant to do anything with uploading videos to the internet as she didn’t have much knowledge of how much time people spendexploring the internet with lustful desire for everything this built-like-a-track-runner has to offer. Until the pandemic hit and forced everyone inside, the establishments she worked at closed temporarily and closed off a revenue stream. This left the OnlyFans wave as a serious option, and she continued her dancing services there (no drive-through strip clubs in Chicago). With eventual market saturation, this left ratcheting up the content uploaded to be more competitive, with local production companies picking up her for the companies’ lesbian fantasies, earning them millions of views on a certain tube site.


The rest is history. Looking forward to what these two amazing friends, performers, and business partners have in store for the masses at this year’s Convention in Chicago. If their previous projects and works are a hint at anything, they potentially have the ability to be the next Beyonce or Rihanna of the Adult Industry, and quite frankly would be an exciting and elevating venture for this industry.


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