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Empowering Education through the Passionate Rebel Clothing Line

Warith EL-Amin Jumu’ah, a Morgan State University graduate, fashion, and lifestyle brand owner, and a true inspiration to many. He firmly believes in following your passion, which is why he’s known as a Passionate Rebel. Through his clothing and lifestyle brand, Warith motivates and encourages people to rebel against settling for less and pursue their dreams with conviction.

Warith’s personal experiences growing up in an urban community have driven him to create change and inspire others to pursue their passions. Through Passionate Rebel, Warith provides a platform for individuals to connect and support each other in their entrepreneurial endeavors. His leadership style is one of empowerment, encouraging others to take risks and follow their dreams.

Passionate Rebel has become a community where individuals of all ages can find inspiration and guidance. Warith’s dedication to helping others has made him a role model for young aspiring entrepreneurs, who can look to him for guidance on how to navigate the challenges of starting a business. He reminds them that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. At Passionate Rebel, Warith’s message is clear: be a rebel for your passion. By encouraging individuals to pursue what they truly love, he is creating a community of people who are living fulfilling lives and making a positive impact on the world.

Passionate Rebel provides students and adults with the tools and resources they need to follow their passion through fashion and workshops, surmounting obstacles and distractions. It’s an essential initiative that enables young people to unlock their full potential and make a positive impact on the world.

What inspired your brand to incorporate a give-back philosophy?
For a brand to truly be successful, you must support the people who support you. My parents have always been family and community oriented. They’ve always conveyed the importance of giving back to your community. As a representative of my family, it’s only right I inherited the same mindset as my parents. I wanted Passionate Rebel to be multifaceted, and not only known for designing clothes, but for being a strong leader in my community too.

What are some of the ways your brand gives back to the community?
Passionate Rebel has coordinated our annual Passionate Rebel Day to provide students with back-to-school items. We’ve formed Passionate Rebel teams to participate in Awareness Walks such as the annual Breast Cancer & Autism Awareness Walk. Our brand has created Passionate Rebel of The Week segment to highlight various individuals for their excellent achievements.

How does your brand ensure that the give-back efforts align with your brand’s values and mission? In our efforts to give back, we must align ourselves with people who are about giving back to the community and making sure their mission coincides with our beliefs. Also, we make sure our give back efforts align with our Passionate Rebel principles. As a Passionate Rebel, the goal is to encourage people to become the best version of themselves by following their passion, uplifting their community, being honest, displaying great work ethic, and inspiring others.

Ultimately, I must make the best decisions on what best represents the brand and our mission. Our give back must include opportunities for community members to participate in meaningful experiences.

Can you give specific examples of how your give-back initiatives have made a difference in the community?
I always receive feedback from peers and administrators about how our presentations left students with the urge to know more about my journey as a clothing/brand owner.
I’ve been able to recruit college students for volunteer work and provide part-time internships. Also, I’ve been able to mentor students in both middle & high school on the best ways to learn about becoming a role model for their peers, and to someday become an entrepreneur.

How does your brand involve customers in the give-back efforts?
For our Passionate Rebel of The Week segment, we allow customers to nominate a person of their choice to have recognized for a specific accolade. This inclusion allows people within the Passionate Rebel community to connect with each other and help shed light on great things taking place in their lives.

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What inspired the decision to merge education with your fashion brand?
Fashion and education go hand and hand. We use fashion to convey messages that influence people both emotionally and mentally. If I’m going to have people wearing apparel that spreads messages, I want those messages to be positive and uplifting.

How does education fit into your brand’s overall philosophy and mission?
Education drives our whole movement. Passionate Rebel teaches people the importance of following their passion. In order to inspire the future generation, we must teach them core values and morals that will aid them in growing into the best version of themselves. We’ve been able to correlate our Passionate Rebel principles with school curriculums that relate to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), allowing us to conduct workshops based on student needs.

Can you provide examples of how your brand incorporates education into its products or marketing strategies?
Weekly, we highlight someone doing great things as Passionate Rebel of The Week. Marketing wise, it’s a great compliment for an accolade or goal that person has achieved i.e., receiving a degree, building up their community, or inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. As a brand, recognizing various individuals as Passionate of The Week allows us to build a stronger communication line/ relationship with the communities we serve.

By way of the Passionate Rebel mentoring component, I’ve been blessed to collaborate on a project with an administrative who oversees fashion design within the School of Fashion in the Newark, New Jersey School District. That project allowed me to speak on various ways fashion can be used to inspire people. Also, that opportunity displayed how those students who participated in the project were able to connect Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with their career interest that served as a positive motivator for them to continue to learn more about the fashion world. 

How does your brand measure the impact of its educational initiatives?
As an educational brand, we measure the impact of educational initiatives by the number of referrals/invites we receive from administrators, to conduct our Passionate Rebels Are Initiative workshop with various schools and community organizations.

What future plans does your brand have for its give-back and educational efforts?
I am working now to have our Passionate Rebel Initiative written into various district curriculums. We want to continue to expand into schools across the
world to conduct our Passionate Rebels Are Initiative. I feel like our PR Initiative is very purposeful and can uplift individuals, young and old alike.
We want to turn our annual Passionate Rebel Day into a Passionate Rebel festival that will allow people to celebrate their achievements with the Passionate Rebel brand.

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