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Beating The Odds with Alphabet Jigg

With a mindset of grinding and dropping music, Alphabet Jigg is pushing his way through the music industry. Born and raised in Oakland, California, Alphabet Jigg’s main inspiration is driven from his cousin J-Roc. Through many ups and downs, music remains his backbone.


Although incarcerated, Alphabet Jigg is determined to make sure he will be heard. “ I felt the need to step up even from behind this fence IVE Been here for 10 + & I just wanted to be the voice for the voiceless,” he quotes. Recognizing his past and using it as fuel for improvement, Jigg refers to his experiences a lot within his music, “Well my road in life is very bumpy coming from where I’m from but God helped me through it, overcoming a life sentence and learning the law on my own to give myself a second chance at chasing my dreams, is all I needed for me to be determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he says.


With goals of collaborating E40 and landed on the Billboards Top 100 list, Alphabet Jigg is making sure he gives the audience something to hear, “I enjoy most being an artist when people vibe off my music. It does something to my soul”, he says “Listen to my music because I’m speaking a message from a place of experience”.


With support from his friends and family, Alphabet Jigg determined to make sure he continues to beat the odds against him, “To all my fans and people who support me and believe in my movement, I will continue to be a solid and real individual that will put out only honest and pure music from the heart,” he states, “So go on a journey that isn’t pretty, but its honest and heart felt. I am an underdog who will soon become the overdog/ Big dog.”


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IG: Alphabet_jigg98
TikTok: Jiggmoney98


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