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On The Grind with Dr. Karwanna D

The Author of ‘Don’t Duck the Government, They’ve Got Your Money’, Dr. Karwanna D’s knowledge of Government Contracts allows ordinary people to become millionaires. Dr. Karwanna has a proven track record of creating millionaires and aims to continue to do so for communities of small business owners.

She’s also created the Trillion-Dollar GovCon Qualifier App. An easily accessible app to get pre-qualified for government contracts. This app will tell you what small business government contracting programs you qualify for and what you need in business to be eligible for contracts.

Dr. Karwanna, you teach small Business Owners how to land massive contracts for their services. Has a new entrepreneur ever felt that this was too good to be true? How did you make them know this is real and obtainable?

Dr. Karwanna: When it comes to landing the US Government as a client I believe every entrepreneur has the potential to quickly scale their business by an additional quarter of a million or more a year at a minimum while working less than part-time.

This would seem too good to be true to any entrepreneur that has never experienced what it’s like serving a premium client that pays premium dollars for business products and services. But it’s a 100% fact that it works and it can work for anyone who’s willing to put in the work.

In fact, Gloria Epps, one of my clients from 2021 (during the pandemic) went from making $0 in her business to securing her 1st $250,000 government contract in just 9 months for just a few weeks of service. Most small business entrepreneurs don’t make that in a year, even if they work 70hrs a week in their business chasing customers.

It definitely requires a mindset shift to believe that such success is obtainable, even for the most inexperienced entrepreneur. Especially after buying into society’s belief system that it takes 3–5 years to build a profitable business. That’s a myth that has been proven to be untrue when it comes to doing business with the right client. The government is the best client to acquire. So it takes some unlearning to learn, in order to grow.

When you grow as an entrepreneur, your business and your business revenues reflect that growth. So, what I’ve done is create a 5 day immersion experience to help entrepreneurs unlearn the myths that have been keeping them from having 6, 7, or even 8 figure businesses. This immersion experience also helps them to grow and expand their mind so that they’re able to clearly see the opportunities in government contracting that will bring then exponential growth in their business. I show them the money and I show them the pathway to securing it for themselves.

You reveal top Government Contract Tips & Secrets in your book “Dont Duck The Government”. Are there any upcoming webinars, or in-person speaking engagements where you will share this vital knowledge as well?

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Dr. Karwanna: Yes. I not only share top government contracting secrets, but I also reveal the money sources, the laws that govern how the government is obligated to spend these trillions of dollars with entrepreneurs, and how business owners can position themselves to participate in that spend in my 5 Day Challenge to pre-qualify for government contracts. I only host so many challenges a year and it’s all on a first-come, first served basis. Everyone who attends these challenges is more than empowered and they walk away never viewing business the same. It’s really a transformational experience.

What are you looking for in a client during the 5-Day challenge Pre-Qualifying process?

Dr. Karwanna: The two most essential qualities of a client that I look for during my 5-Day Challenge are coachability and their ability to execute. If you’re not coachable, I can’t coach you because you’re simply unaware of and unwilling to remove the blockages that are holding you back from succeeding. Success is simple when you have a step-by-step blueprint. If you resist following a blueprint because you want to throw your own ideology into it, it no longer works because it’s now a hybrid experiment that hasn’t been tested nor proven.

Success also requires speed and action. If you’re unable to follow simple instructions and do not execute, there’s no way you can get results.

My 5-Day Challenge is designed around people taking action so that at the end of the 5 days they are actually pre-qualified to do business with the government. It’s not for tire kickers, nor is it for those who put off til tomorrow what they can simply do today. Those who take action get results and I am all for helping people get results.

In what ways have you positioned yourself so that you cater to premium clients properly?

Dr. Karwanna: I am also the 1st government contracting expert to obtain a doctorate degree in business, specializing in government contracts. That puts a mark in the history books for me.

I have positioned myself as a premium brand with a premium offer to attract high-quality premium clients who are serious about business and show up ready to take action.

I have high expectations for entrepreneurs to become premium buyers themselves so that they can attract premium buyers like the government and have premium dollars flowing into their bank accounts. You attract who you are.

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What else would you like to share with our readers about the services you provide?

Dr. Karwanna: We are highly selective in who we choose to work with in our Trillion Dollar Government Contracts accelerator premium program. My team and I are helping high-level entrepreneurs secure lucrative contracts within their first 6–12 months of getting started with government contracts where they 10x their investments. In this program, you learn the step-by-step blueprint with support on how to make millions of dollars pitching and winning government contracts. For consideration to be accepted into the accelerator program, you must go through our 5-Day Challenge to get pre-qualified before you are offered an invitation to apply.

This year our goal is to add 100 new millionaires to our repertoire of success.

As an expert in your field, what words of encouragement would you give to those who aspire to follow in your footsteps, but are currently doubting themselves?

Dr. Karwanna: The first step to achieving success is believing you can. Commonly you hear people say “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but biblically and spiritually we’ve been buying into the wrong belief systems and the result of that is remaining a struggling business, a distressed spouse, a strained parent….etc.

When you really learn about the principles and how they work and apply that to every area of your life, including business, you can make the principles work for you instead of against you.

So the ideal self-talk that we should start telling ourselves is “I believe it”. Because really you have to believe it before you see it. This is based on the biblical principle of faith found in Hebrew 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Then it goes on to give us instruction about faith in James 2:30 Faith without works is dead. What do these 2 principles tell us as entrepreneurs? When you believe something to be true, you take action on that truth and when you take action, you get results. There’s no room for doubt.

More on Dr. Karwanna D: Dr. Karwanna D is the Owner of She’s Got Goals, LLC. She’s Got Goals, LLC was birthed out of her drive to share information as she learned about various ways to make money in business. She’s Got Goals, LLC is a small business coaching and consulting firm designed to empower women in business with tools, tips, and strategies to successfully start and grow a small business and position their business as a vehicle to create generational wealth

Download the Trillion-Dollar GovCon Qualifier App which is available on Apple and Android.

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Be sure to read her latest book ‘Don’t Duck the Government, They’ve Got Your Money’ here and follow the Government Contracts Expert on Instagram @karwannadspeaks.

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